Brown Rice Sushi + Edamame

Brown Rice Sushi + Edamame

Brown Rice Sushi

Sprinkle sushi seasoning over warm cooked brown rice, spread out and leave to cool. Lay a piece of glad wrap over a bamboo sushi mat and lay a nori sheet shiny side down on top. Cover the nori sheet with the cooled rice, leaving a 1cm margin at the top edge. Arrange filling (eg. canned tuna, cucumber sticks + sliced avocado) a few cm in from the bottom edge. Use the mat to slowly and tightly roll upwards. Sprinkle some water on the top edge of the nori sheet to help it stick. Give the sushi roll a tight, even squeeze before removing the mat and glad wrap. Store the roll in the fridge to firm up before cutting. If the rice isn’t very sticky, serve it as a hand roll. If it has stuck well, cut into small pieces.

Capsicum sticks


Rock melon and honeydew melon cubes

Steamed Edamame beans (remove from pod to eat)

UHT milk box