Chicken + Salad Wrap

Chicken + Salad Wrap

Chicken + Salad Wrap

2 quinoa Mountain Bread wraps
½ cup shredded BBQ chicken,
¼ cup grated carrot
¼ cup shredded lettuce
2 tbspn grated cheese
1 tbspn mayo

Lay two wraps on top of each other and spread the top one lightly with mayonnaise. Spread the filling in the middle, leaving large margin around the edges. Fold up the bottom, then the two sides, then continue to roll up the bottom. If you’re having trouble keeping it rolled, secure it with cooking twine or toast it in the sandwich press to seal the edges. TIP: Use two mountain bread wraps to make them less likely to tear and to make them more filling.



Microwave plain popping corn in a paper bag with the top folded over for 2 minutes. Always remove popped corn from the bag before serving as unpopped kernels can be dangerous.

Yoghurt Swirl

Add 1-2 tablespoons of frozen mixed berries to plain Greek yoghurt. Stir just before packing to swirl the defrosted berry juice throughout the yoghurt. Don’t forget to pack a spoon.