Feel-Good Beauty Tips

24 Aug 2020

We've compiled a range of beauty tips for an instant pick-me-up. Go from feeling drab to fab in no time.

Book in a blow wave or befriend your stylist and tame that mane with a seasonal snip

Treat locks to some TLC with an at-home hair mask or book in a wash and blow dry with a relaxing head massage. The change of season is a good time to try a new colour but trust us and take baby steps with highlights or micro foils in complimentary hues. There's been enough disasters this year without a total hair-mare!

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Get into shape

In beauty, no pain, no gain. That counts for hair removal. The ancient Indian method of threading is the secret behind many a well-shaped brow. This technique allows control and conciseness when removing hair and is great for skin that allergically reacts to other techniques such as waxing. Perfectly manicured brows have the potential to accentuate the eyes and help shape the face! Threading can also be used to remove fuzz from other parts of the face, leaving a smooth complexion.

Time for some Zzzz's

2020 is set to be a snooze fest, so make the most of your beauty sleep with these must-haves. Depuff, hydrate and brighten the skin by applying a sheet mask at night. Kick back, relax and allow the skin to ‘rest’. Get some beauty sleep and invest in a lush pillow to support your neck, be gentle on your skin & hair and eliminate hair and skin friction, damage and irritation.