Top 10 Tips for Resume's from our Professional Resume Writer

04 Jun 2018

Our Professional Resume Writer, Lucy Compton of Successful Resumes, has put together a list of top 10 tips when you're applying for jobs.

  1. Does your Headline Statement grab the reader’s attention? The first page of your resume has 10 - 30 seconds impress. Whatever the reader really needs to know about you, put it in the headline!
  2. Use your opening paragraph / summary to tell the reader who you are, what you’ve done in the past, and what you want to do next. Maximum 4-5 sentences!
  3. Do your Key Strengths relate to the job you are applying for? Read the ad carefully. If you have the skills they’ve asked for, use these dot points to tell them!
  4. Has your career been a series of short contracts? Try including a Career Path on page 1, then explain the most relevant 3 or 4 jobs in detail!
  5. Is the Key Responsibility section of your resume a laundry list of dot points? Prioritise the top 7 points and trim the rest.
  6. Does your resume include 2 or 3 Key Achievements? This is your chance to explain how you’ve added value, reduced costs, improved safety, or completed projects on time and on budget!
  7. Does your Education & Training look a little thin? Don’t forget to include your internal training courses. HR loves to see relevant on-the-job training!
  8. Does your resume include Additional Information? Don’t forget to add your computer skills, your residential status, and contact details for at least 2 referees. This should include your current supervisor where possible.
  9. SPELL CHECK – A resume represents you on paper and must be error free. Spell check on screen, print a hard copy to edit on paper, and have a friend read over it as well.
  10. Unless Word documents are specifically requested, email / upload your resume in PDF to ensure formatting remains consistent.