Trending Gift: Himalayan Salt Lamps!

13 Apr 2018

If you’re looking to make a warm statement in your home décor this Autumn/ Winter, why not try a Himalayan Rock Sat Table Lamp?

From their warm glow to their ability to cleanse & deodorise the air, salt lamps are a favourite this season!

The lamps are claimed to cleanse the air. They generate negative ions which neutralise toxin that cloud the air- as a result they boost mood and improve allergies.

When you’re looking for a lamp, the darker the pink, the higher the quality. Avoid lamps with black deposits in the stone.

They also produce a bit of dust, so make sure you’ve got a cleaning cloth handy. This is because their negative ions attach themselves to pollen and dirty, which makes them drop to the nearest surface.

They can also get a bit sweaty as they attract moisture in the air, so make sure to put them onto placemat.

Inner Harmony have a large range of salt lamps available in store, so why not stop by and see what they have to offer?